Letter from the Broker


Quick reminder for you. You have time. Please trust us. One of the cardinal rules of real estate is when people are buying, you should be selling. When people are selling, you should be buying. This is one of the fundamental ways to become successful in real estate. This basic sentiment also applies to the rental market. Market timing and availability for apartments has been moving up and up over the past 5-7 years. It’s always been very common to see college apartments become available in January for September leases. Hell, Boston College students sign leases for the upcoming year…

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Kingston Local


Have you ever seen a cuter place than the Kookoo Cafe in Brookline Village? If you answered “yes”, I’m calling you out! LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FRICKIN' FIRE! It simply does not get cuter than this spot. And they’re crankin’ out incredible, house-made pastries/soups/sammiches/smoothies alongside just-right coffeehouse drinkables. Located on Station St. directly across from the Brookline Village stop on the D line, the Kookoo Cafe offers everything you like to find in a small, rustic neighborhood cafe. It’s bohemian feel invites you to just chill out and enjoy your order- and yourself- for a moment. Go ahead, take a…

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Kingston Cares

ED Awareness Week

#kingstoncares about you & you care about the ones you love. Chances are, you know someone in your life who struggles with their relationship with food. If that’s the case, please read this. • This week (2/25-3/3) is National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) week. 2019 NEDA’s theme is “Come As You Are” which “highlights the movement towards inclusivity in the greater Eating Disorder community and our goal of unifying the field of eating disorders.” • There are several resources/places/people you can and should look to or contact for help when dealing with the struggle associated with eating disorder but we’re going…

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Inside Look

@ Hancock Estates

Let’s set the scene. It’s winter 12-hrs after a fairly significant snow event. Excitedly, you’re heading straight to the slopes to pound the fresh powder with your newly waxed skis. The large, well lit sign for the lodge welcomes you after the bend in the road. “Hancock Estates”. You flick your blinker to the right and ease your car into the driveway. A massive rock formation splits the drive as you head around to the right. The sprawling, 3 story wood & stone building presents itself- your excitement level goes through the roof. So it’s kinda like this only “Hancock…

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Kingston Cares

World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day. 2019 marks the beginning of the “I Am And I Will” campaign- a three year empowering call-to-action campaign urging for personal commitment. “I Am And I Will” represents the power of individual action taken now to impact the future. World Cancer Day is organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) & celebrated each year on Feb 4, is an opportunity to rally the international community to end the injustice of preventable deaths and suffering from cancer. It’s a collective rally cry for all of us. Kingston REM is dedicated the the case with…

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Maker Hall

Overlook West

Overlook North

Overlook Landmark - Floorplans

Overlook East - Floorplans