Letter from the Broker


DON’T LOWER YOUR RENTS. Shocking to hear from your broker who’s trying to rent your apartments, right?  Truth is, for most brokerage companies, this is the default answer when a unit isn’t renting. Problem is that most of the time it just isn’t the reason why the unit isn’t moving.  I will preface this by saying there are indeed times when you need to adjust pricing. There’s no denying that. However, our suggestion is that IF the agency you’re working with is asking you to do this, it’s time to hold them accountable for how the unit is being represented…

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Kingston Cares

World Animal Day

World Animal Day gives us an opportunity to do two things. First, we’re taking full advantage of this opportunity to showcase some of the #KREMcrew animals (aka pets). Secondly, in spirit of the occasion, we’ll be making a donation to an incredible outfit in Bali, Indonesia called "Act 4 Bali Dogs". If you've been to Bali before you know 3 things are true: The landscape and environment is absolutely breathtaking. The people are amazing. There are a TON of stray and abandoned dogs. Act 4 Bali Dogs is a great resource for the island and their stray and abandoned dog…

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Inside Look

@ 28 Austin

“I’m your density. I mean, your destiny.” -George McFly Both density and destiny are in the conversation when speaking about 28 Austin St. in Newtonville. The footprint of this building was at one point a municipal lot owned by the City of Newton which the developer promised to replace after the building was up. As it goes, he was able to replace all 123 public surface parking spaces around the lot. How’s that for density AND destiny? Along with the parking comes 82,000+ sq. ft. building including 5,000 sq ft. of retail on the first floor (one space is rumored…

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Kingston Local

Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

Those of you who know, know. This is, in our humble-yet-very-staunch opinion, the best bowl of ramen you can get your face into in and around the City of Boston. We understand this is a bold statement to make but we’re sticking with it. Don’t @ us- you ain’t changing our minds. You simply cannot go wrong with any of their six different varieties (we prefer the Tan Tan ourselves). Trust us when we say you’ll want to try this if you haven’t already and, well since summer is OFFICIALLY OVER, consider this spot your Fall/Winter spot for when you…

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Inside Look

@ The Brynx

So we’ve been doing this for a minute now. Going to new construction, seeing different styles and finishes and some get us going and some are just kinda “meh”. Let’s talk about The Brynx for a second because “meh” is not a word you’re going to read anymore in this “Inside Look” At The Brynx, you’re gonna get the old with the new. Those of us who love the “old Boston style” brownstone, brick building charm will be uber satisfied along with those who are looking for the modern, luxury flair that we’re seeing pop up all around us. The…

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Maker Hall

Overlook West

Overlook North

Overlook Landmark - Floorplans

Overlook East - Floorplans