Inside Look

@ Benjamin Seaport

Being in the rental game for as long as I’ve been, it’s not easy to truly impress me. The Benjamin in the Seaport District managed to do just that and it’s because of one simple and fundamental thing that is lacking in a market where buildings are popping up at an alarming rate- attention to detail. Walking into the Benjamin you’re hit with a smell that’s enchanting. Sounds silly to some but it’s very reminiscent of luxury resorts in Vegas, Miami, etc. where you know you’ve arrived once you enter the building. It’s captivating. After entering the building I was…

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Kingston Local

Brookline Grown

Today’s #kingstonlocal comes to you courtesy of @brooklinegrown located at 14 Pleasant St. in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. We LOVE this quaint shop which features oodles of #artisan products aside fresh produce and meats- most of which is produced/raised/grown in the immediate area. Matter of fact, 50% of the items they carry are sourced within a 7-mile radius of the store! Fresh items from @clearflourbread (<- their cashew milk is CRAZY good!) @meimeiboston and @firecider_ - all of which we at Kingston REM enjoy on the regular! And, as an incredible bonus, they have a hydroponic farm growing greens and small veggies RIGHT BEHIND THE SHOP! Doesn’t get anymore local than that, folks!…

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Property Management Tips

Snow, Ice Damage Insurance Claims: Things You Should Know

Many homes will fall victim to Old Man Winter. Indeed, preventative measures generally fend off most serious damage. However, when the weather delivers a never-ending barrage of snow and ice, the cumulative effect is enough to cause more severe property damage. Some homeowners will stay present all through the winter. They are able to readily assess any type of damage and make necessary repairs. Or, put additional preventative measures into effect. However, some homeowners will come back from their cold weather retreat, greeted by an unpleasant scene. They'll discover extensive damage and pay out big time to fix what's broken.…

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Kingston Local

Brookline Farmers’ Market

We are pleased to introduce our blog/social media feature, #kingstonlocal which will showcase local Brookline/Boston area small businesses, upcoming events and exciting news! #kingstonlocal first installment showcases the Brookline Farmers' Market (@brooklinefarmersmarket or online at located in Centre St. West Parking Lot in Coolidge Corner and features great, local produce, meats, cheeses and various other wearables, jewelry, etc. Open rain or shine every Thursday 1:30-6:30pm and runs from June 1st through November 16th. If you haven’t been yet, check it out TODAY before it’s closed for the season!! If you’d like to be featured in @kingston.rem #kingstonlocal feature, hit us up…

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Maker Hall

Overlook West

Overlook North

Overlook Landmark - Floorplans

Overlook East - Floorplans